demonstrate that transfer pricing is a matter that is of fundamental importance to multinational enterprises. A sound transfer pricing … Stewardship activities covered a range of activities by a shareholder that may include the provision of services to other group members, for example services that would be provided by a coordinating centre. The EY Worldwide Transfer Pricing Reference Guide 2019–20 is a publication designed to help international tax executives identify transfer pricing rules, practices and approaches. I. TRANSFER PRICING METHODS 6ntroduction to Transfer Pricing Methods .1 . 6 .1 .1 . SHAREHOLDER COSTS AND STEWARDSHIPS’ ACTIVITIES IN THE OECD GUIDELINES ON TRANSFER PRICING 2.1. 2. Rafał Sadowski is a partner in Deloitte Poland’s Transfer Pricing team, with extensive experience in business restructurings, transfer pricing policies, risk management, and transfer pricing litigation projects. This part of the chapter describes several transfer pricing methods that can be used to determine an arm’s length price and . As such, for Section 861 purposes, stewardship expenses include two of the four categories of non-beneficial activities relevant to transfer pricing analyses: duplicative activities (as defined in §1.482-9(l)(3)(iii)) or shareholder activities (as defined in §1.482-9(l)(3)(iv)). Chapter 6.9.1 General Overview of Transfer Pricing Concepts Level 3 UIL N/A . Transfer Pricing Guidelines and have therefore yet to adopt the 2017 OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines. Unit Name Foreign Shareholder Activities and Duplicative Services . describes how to apply these methods in practice. These must be understood for a company to carry out both transfer pricing compliance and planning activities in the base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS)1 era. Sub-Chapter N/A N/A . SHAREHOLDER COSTS IN THE 1979 REPORT “TRANSFER PRICING AND MULTINATIONAL ENTERPRISES” 1 The following contributors have authored this Report: Guglielmo Maisto (ed. Part 6.9 Other Transfer Pricing Issues Level 2 UIL 9422.09 . ... stewardship costs) and/or duplicate costs should be made to the recipient ... respect of activities performed for a member of a group that are not required by that group member. The stewardship expenses incurred by P are not directly allocable to specific income producing activities or property of P. The expense is definitely related and allocable to dividends received or to be received by X. ); Gerald Gahleitner, Leitner + Leitner, Linz (Austria); Global Transfer Pricing Alert 2018-013: OECD invites comments on revisions to transfer pricing guidelines for intragroup services and dispute resolution, TP Alert Mudigonda Vishweshwar is a partner in the Bangalore office of Deloitte India. Accordingly, the expense of P is allocated and apportioned as … Transfer Pricing studies and Functional analyses, even if for foreign to foreign transactions (there may be useful data regarding the organizational structure, etc., in addition to transactional pricing data) Benefit Test and Stewardship Activities Consistent with the OECD transfer pricing guidelines, the regulations retain the shift in focus in defining benefit from the service provider, as under the current regulations, to the recipient, as under the 2003 proposed regulations. Document Control Number (DCN) ISI/9422.09_01(2014) Date of Last Update 09/05/2014 Stewardship activities comprise the third of the three sets of measures used in long-term institutional management. He leads Deloitte’s transfer pricing practice in India. It is vital for every company to have a coherent and defensible transfer pricing policy, which is responsive to the very real climate of change in which companies are operating.